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Winnebago Tips

Caravan Braking Tips

Why wait for something to go wrong before teaching yourself the right and wrong moves for braking your caravan? Below, we Winnebago outline the...

Cornering Tips

If you drive a caravan, you'll know that cornering can sometimes be a little scary! However, Winnebago have provided tips to ensure you know...

Weight Distribution when towing a caravan!

Before hitting the road, you want to make sure your car and caravan are levelled. You want to check this on a flat surface...

Things to Check Before You Hit the Road in Your Caravan

At the end of your caravanning getaway, it can be easy to forget some of the simple things that need to be done before...

Check out a Winnebago Mossman Caravan in 3D

Fun family holidays are a lot easier with the Mossman C Bunk Caravan. A stylish combination of practicality and luxury designed to sleep up...

How to Reduce Trailer Sway

When towing a heavy caravan behind a towing vehicle with significant weight of its own, some sway is only natural... and while there is...

Reversing Your Winnebago

Reversing a caravan can be one of the most intimidating things you can do while towing a caravan, especially if there is an audience...

How to Hitch Your Caravan

Correctly hitching your caravan should be a priority for your next road trip, so below we've put together a list from our experience on...

Correct Tyre Pressure for Towing a Caravan

It’s so important to ensure you are maintaining the correct tyre pressure when towing a caravan which can often be looked over. Not only...

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Winnebago Adventures

Andrew’s Fleurieu Peninsula Caravanning Adventure

Last year there were around 11.6 million overnight caravan and camping trips undertaken by Australians – as more of us are hitting the road...