Swim with Giant Cuttlefish – The Chameleons of the Sea!

Every winter, when the water cools to below 16 degrees, Stony Point on the east coast of Eyre Peninsula — just near Whyalla — plays host to one of the world’s most spectacular wildlife events.

Biologists believe the rocks, with their cracks and ledges, are what attract around 250,000 Giant Australian Cuttlefish to gather here each year to breed.

And the best way to see them up close is with a marine biologist. Carl Charter is from the nonprofit organisation Experiencing Marine Sanctuaries. He’s been diving for over 30 years.

Within seconds, and in only two metres of water, we see a dozen cuttlefish. The larger ones are the males, they measure about half-a-metre in length, and weigh approximately five kilograms.

And because the males are all vying for the attention of the females, often there will be a bit of competition. Sometimes the smaller males come in close and change colour to mimic a female – and when the larger male isn’t paying attention, the smaller ‘cross-dressing’ male will swoop in and mate with the female. It’s nature at its finest!

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