How to save your garden from a sizzling summer

To give your plants the best chance of survival through our scorching South Australian summers, preparation is key. It’s a bit like entering a marathon – you’ve got to get them fighting fit!

First, give your plants a good tidy up and a prune, so they aren’t wasting precious energy on dead weight.

Weeding is your next job because weeds suck up precious moisture your garden needs.

Next, feed with an overall organic fertilizer, then add a plant-specific one — whether it’s for your veggies, lawns or pots.

Mulching is also very important because mulch will keep the soil at a constant temperature and help block the sun’s rays.

Of course, one of the most important things to do in any garden is to water. Plants love deep, long soaks during the warmer months. So if you’ve got an automatic irrigation system, use it at least twice a week for 45 minutes at each station in your garden.

Also, if your soil is dry and hard as a rock, the water will just run off, so a wetting agent will help. It comes in a liquid you can water in, or granules, and it’s an absolute miracle-worker!

So, get your garden fighting fit to survive those sizzling summer days!