How to maintain your beachside garden

More than any place in the world, we Aussies are all about the beach. With the salt air, hot sun, and bracing breezes – it’s a wonderful place to live for people, but for plants — it can be tough.

With a lot of skill and some trial and error, Liz Trabilsie has created a glorious garden a stone’s throw from the beach. Formally the Head Gardener at Carrick Hill, Liz has planted shade trees, citrus trees, and a mix of beautiful pink, purple and white flowering plants. Irises, seaside daisies, salvias, roses and of course, hardy succulents, are all mixed in together.

Liz isn’t fussy about what she plants – she believes in trying new things and seeing what works. She also recommends dividing up perennials and planting them in other spots around the garden to save costs.

Coastal areas often have very poor soil, so Liz recommends using pea straw as mulch and even river rocks, because they don’t blow away.

If you have a house by the beach and don’t know what to plant, just pop into your local nursery and have a chat to the experts. Or just have a good ol’ sticky beak at the gardens that are thriving in your area!