Callum Hann


Everyone needs to eat three meals a day for the rest of their life. This is more or less how I got interested in cooking in the first place; I have always been a huge fan of eating. This might sound ridiculous, but I think I am addicted to food. Ask anyone who knows me; I’ll be planning dinner first thing in the morning, and thinking about tomorrow’s breakfast as soon as that dinner is finished. I believe everyone should learn not just how to cook, but learn how to love to cook. Using me as an example (I’m twenty-one), assuming I live to the ripe age of eighty-two, eating three meals a day, that’s 66,795 bad experiences I would have had if I didn’t know how to cook. And yes, I’m a bit of a nerd.

After fulfilling a lifelong dream of writing my first cookbook: The Starter Kitchen, I was lucky enough to publish a second book, I’d Eat That!

Finally, my philosophy is that food should be simple, seasonal, and fresh.