Spring Gardening

Well its spring time and it’s that time of the year when we should get out into the garden to do those little jobs we put off in the colder months.

As we come out of hibernation from the cooler weather – so do our plants! It’s time to bring indoor plants outside for some fresh air and give them a bit of T.L.C! Dust them down, give them a good feed, and water, throw on some slow release fertilizer and they should bounce back in no time.

Another job beckoning is a spring tidy up. Give Diosma, Rosemary, Conifers and any hedge a light prune to keep them in shape.

Now that’s done … it’s time to get planting so why not plant the herbs you like to eat! Favourites include chives, sage, basil, mint, oregano, rocket and thyme – but the list really is endless!

Of course tomatoes should be at the top of any kitchen gardeners list. Not only are they super easy to grow in our climate there’s varieties suitable for planting in the veggie patch, containers, hanging baskets…just about anywhere!

For a good dose of gardening inspiration – nothing beats a trip to the nursery – like the Garden Depot in Mount Barker. There are always new plant varieties being released, not to mention new versions of old favourites. Plenty of colourful ways to brighten up your garden for the months ahead.