One of South Australia’s most spectacular 4WD trails

The Skytrek trail on Willow Springs Station in the heart of the Flinders Ranges is a test of nerve for drivers, and a test of endurance and power for the vehicles they bring into this demanding terrain.

It’s a famous four-wheel-drive route, but there’s another side to this outback odyssey: the lesser-known gems to be found on a massive property run by the Reynolds family.

Within minutes of leaving the homestead, we were buried deep within one of Willow Creek Station’s many hidden valleys, as we slowly worked our way through the red rock country, an ancient landscape chiseled by time and the elements. An arid landscape now, but one with flashes of greenery. As the SA Weekender Isuzu followed the creek line, underground aquifers broke through to the surface. For a working sheep station, permanent water like this is gold. But so, too, for four-wheel drivers on the Skytrek trail, with the pools offering a welcome break on hot days behind the wheel.

Ancient and timeless, with many stories scattered throughout the eighty-kilometre trip. At the end of the day, a night relaxing by the fire at Willow Springs Station’s latest accommodation option looked pretty inviting. The Stockman’s Lodge has everything you’ll need after a big day on the Skytrek trail. For details, head to the Skytrek Willow Springs website.