SALA 2019: Getting Arty in August!

August is almost upon us and around here, that can mean only one thing: An explosion of art! The SALA Festival will bring the work of over 8,000 artists to South Australia; some of it in places you never may have thought of looking. We headed to one of them  – the Museum of Economic Botany – itself a work of art and the last institution of its kind in the world.

Here amongst the treasure-filled cabinets, the head of the South Australian Living Artists Festival, Kate Moskwa, is told us about hunting out the hundreds of spaces dedicated to art this August.

“The great thing about SALA is that anywhere can be an exhibition venue, anywhere in South Australia,” Kate said. “So it really encourages people to think outside the white cube and outside the square in terms of traditional gallery spaces.”

This is where art meets science: This museum and the nearby State Herbarium hold a vast number of plant specimens – thousands more than can be displayed. But artist Kath Inglis was given access to the collection for some inspiration, and she’ll be exhibiting the result – her beguiling jewellery  – right here in the museum.

Kath’s algae-inspired pieces are primarily made from repurposed plastics, referencing the pollution crisis currently facing our oceans.

The commercial corridor of Morphett Street might not seem a likely spot to get your art groove on; in fact, you may have passed Floating Goose Studios without even noticing.

When we visit, it’s the figurative blank canvas, awaiting its SALA offering. But it’s what’s behind the scenes you’ll want to see – the artists’ studios.

Floating Goose is just one of more than 100 open studio locations where artists will be on hand to share their techniques and inspiration across the second weekend of August 2019, and at other selected times.

Now in its 22nd year, SALA is recognised as the biggest open-access visual arts festival in the world, incorporating everything from painting, sculpting, glasswork and photography, to mixed media, moving images and installations. There’s every kind of artist: from the internationally acclaimed, to those just beginning to make their mark.