Dalhousie Springs

Dalhousie Springs is a miracle in the desert. From the air, you get a sense that something truly unique is happening here. Water stored over millions of years in the Great Artesian Basin finally punches its way through the desert floor to the surface in what’s known at Witjira National Park near the Northern Territory border. This natural aquatic wonderland is quite remarkable, and a special place to visit for travellers to the South Australian Outback.

Dalhousie’s become a staging post for many campers starting or finishing their great treks across the endless sand dunes of the Simpson Desert. The warm water works its magic for those wanting to wash away the dust of the Oodnadatta Track. For those who’ve been on the track for days, the glistening and pristine waters of this outback oasis are a godsend. In here you can finally escape the flies as you revitalize the weary body in this desert spa.

You can get to Dalhousie Springs by four wheel drive but why not grab a one-hour flight from William Creek. It’s just one of many scenic delights to be enjoyed on a Wrightsair flight. For all the details, and to book simply head to their website.


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William Creek

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