Add instant impact to you garden!

A gorgeous 30-minute drive from the city is the Adelaide Tree Farm in Carey Gully. Here at this family-run nursery, they sell around 40 different varieties of semi-mature, ornamental trees. By planting a tree that’s already a few years old, you’ll have instant ‘wow factor’, shade, and beauty!

From Maples and Magnolias, Ornamental Pears and Plums, Birch, Cercis, Ash, and many more – you’ll be spoilt for choice.

And something that seems to be on everyone’s shopping list is the Crepe Myrtle. Being extremely heat tolerant they are a great choice for our scorching Summers and come in a variety of stunning colours. ‘Tree Enthusiast’ Amy Woollard, stocks around different 12 varieties, that grow anywhere from three to eight meters tall.

Buying a semi-mature tree is like buying time as the youngest they have are already two years old while others can be up to six. And if you can’t squeeze your purchases in your car the staff are happy to arrange delivery right to your door. They’ll also send you home with a comprehensive guide about how to plant and take care of your new arrivals.