My SA: Lyn & Sal from My Kitchen Rules

MKR contestant gets emotional about hometown in SA

"He's going to cry--he gets very emotional when he talks about Port Pirie," MKR contestant Lyn says of her partner, Sal. Find out why the pair's hometown is so close to their hearts as we catch up with My Kitchen Rules contestants Lyn & Sal. For more on how they plan to promote South Australia:

Posted by SA Weekender on Thursday, 14 March 2019

This week, we caught up with My Kitchen Rules contestants Lyn and Sal.

Hailing from Port Pirie, known as “The City of Friendly People” these two fab friends, Lyn, 60, and Sal, 52, are living proof of that friendliness.

“We’re going to bring fun and energy to the competition,” said vivacious secondary school teacher Lyn, who met Sal when she moved from Adelaide eight years ago and “lobbed into his hairdressing salon.”

“It was friends at first sight!” said single father-of-three Sal, who grew up in the fishing town.

“We both have a great passion for cooking and entertaining,” says Lyn, a married mum-of-four. “Having people into your home and offering them a meal is what brings the community together.”

When it comes to community, the bubbly duo feels a lot of pressure representing their hometown. “Sal is the unofficial mayor of Port Pirie,” Lyn revealed.

Watch the video to hear what the pair has to say about South Australian seafood.