Estella Water Garden

Adelaide based Robyn Clapham is a retired Garden Designer and the perfect person to visit for some spring inspiration. In keeping with her Spanish Mission Style home, many of her plants are Mediterranean, perfect for South Australia’s hot summers. She has also cleverly divided her garden into zones, with ornamental plants on one side, and 36 productive fruit trees on the other.

But the highlight has to be her enormous pond that is a truly enchanting oasis. Complete with a fountain, fish, and resident turtle, it used to have another life as a swimming pool. However when she realised it wasn’t being used by her family, and was being neglected, she decided to reinvent it.

Now, not many people have a disused swimming pool in their backyard, but it’s easy to create a mini pond-in-a-pot with just a few simple supplies from your local nursery.

All you need is a container, some gravel to place in the bottom, and a variety of water plants such as water-lilies and sedge grass.

Even if you don’t have a garden it doesn’t matter because container ponds are perfect for smaller spaces like balconies. They do require some ongoing maintenance but what could be better than having a mini sanctuary to come home to?