At home with the Premier

We visit the home of South Australian Premier – Steven Marshall to find out what he does in his rare downtime. From a quick look around his house, it’s clear that Steven had an appreciation for design, with some stand out pieces of furniture and artwork. To relax Steven loves to cook and his go-to entertaining recipe is mushroom risotto, Alana calls in to lend a hand.

Steven: I’ve always loved cooking with my kids. I’ve tried to teach them well and they love it as well but that was the only way to spend more time with the kids, keep cooking for them. I always cooked breakfast for them before they went off to school. That was a good time to make sure they came down and (I) cooked them a little omelette, some mushrooms or some scrambled eggs. Alana: Most important part of the day. Steven: it really is!

Alana: Tell us about a bit about what your day would look like and how you fit food in. I don’t imagine you’ve got too much cooking time in your average day?

Steven: I basically get up the same time every day – quarter past 5. I could actually be a farmer, umm I love getting up early because you get so much work done before you get into the actual day, so that’s been very helpful.

Alana: You’ve seen an enormous amount of the state. What do you are some of the best holiday spots in SA?

Steven: Well I grew up at the beach and we had a shack on the Yorke Peninsula, so as a young kid and when my kids were young we’d get over there as often as we could. Dad, in particular, loved fishing, in fact, everyone loved fishing but he actually even enjoyed filleting fish which nobody else did so that was a lot of fun over there. I really loved getting to the beach with the kids and we still have lots of family holidays with mum, obviously, dads gone now but mum still loves getting away with everybody. its slightly chaotic, I’ve got two younger sisters and there are seven grandkids but everyone gets along.

Alana: If you did have a weekend to yourself, how would you fill it in and around the city? What are some of the things you love to do?

Steven: My dream weekend off would be to head straight into the Adelaide Central Market first thing, the first thing on a Saturday morning and buy up every fantastic piece of food that I could find and come back and have people over for a lunch, which might end up being a dinner! Because it’s always good when you’ve got friends over if you’ve got enough food and you’re having enough of a fun time you can just extend those lunches into early evening and then – yeah that would be my ideal weekend.

Alana: No doubt you host plenty of foreign dignitaries or have done across your time. What are some of the main selling points of SA that you like to communicate with them?

Steven: I think when you’re bidding for international work now part of it is how it stacks up economically but also we have got an incredible lifestyle in South Australia. We’re always in the ten most liveable cities in the world. Our regions are second to none, they’re are massive international secret because you know you can still be on an incredible beach – away from the rest of the world, you can feel like you’re the only person there and you take people from overseas – and they can’t believe it.

Once we had a very significant international minister – probably shouldn’t say what country they are from but we had lunch down at the Star of Greece and between courses, everybody went for a swim  – they could not believe that this could happen! I mean this couldn’t happen anyway else in the world. They just thought what we’ve got in this state is second to none and it is true and I think that is part of our sell – not just the economics of what we can do in South Australia but the lifestyle, the culture, the arts, it all comes together, fantastic regions, the wine, beaches, the outback – its superb.