Where To Pick Your Own Cherries in South Australia

Lennane Orchards’ in the Adelaide Hills is just one of over 20 spots you can visit on The Cherry Trail. Come cherry season which is mid-November until late January – these orchards put out the welcome mat – and you can go along to buy fresh fruit right from the shed door – or pick your own.

Being outdoors and enjoying the fresh air makes this is a wonderful family-friendly activity. And it’s also a terrific way to show little ones where fruit comes from – they just love it! There’s no limit to how many you pick and the price you pay per kilo is way less than in the shops.

And when need a break, Lennane Orchards also has a café where you can enjoy some delicious home-made cherry jam, cherry ice-cream, and cherry pie.

When picking cherries or storing them at home – here’s a tip – leaving the stem on extends the life of the cherry. So, don’t remove them until you’re ready to eat them.

For more information about Lenanne and all the other orchards along the Cherry Trail – just visit the Cherries SA website. They have a detailed map you can download too – so why not grab one and go? The growers of some of SA’s finest produce would love to meet you.