Night Owls Lawn Bowls across South Australia

Imagine a sport where you can have a drink, enjoy a BBQ, and a DJ spins tunes while you play. Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s called Night Owls lawn bowls – and it’s an absolute hoot.

The Adelaide Bowls Club, in the heart of the city, kicks off their sessions with a barbie. There is also a bar where you can warm up your bowling arm with a few frothies or beverage of your choice. Founded in 1897, it was the first club in South Australia.

Some people come with a group of friends and form a team, but even if you’re on your own and can’t play, you are just as welcome. There are also coaches on hand to teach you the rules of the game. Another great bonus is that you can play this sport no matter what your age or physical ability.

Night Owls is a great way to get people off the couch, into the game, and even more serious — participate in club competitions. There are clubs all over South Australia that run these fun, social sessions so look out for one near you (but remember they usually only happen during spring and summer).

Here’s a tip – it’s an absolute bargain! Food and drink is way cheaper than you’d find almost anywhere else.

More than 10,000 South Aussies call themselves Night Owlers already, so why not join the flock?