Meet Fred the Wombat from Cleland Wildlife Park

They’re cute, charismatic, and surprisingly speedy:  but wombats, the bulldozers of the bush, aren’t that easy to meet in the wild. Cleland Wildlife Park has the answer: Fred, a friendly common wombat who‘s happy to share his breakfast time with visitors for a meet-and-greet like no other.

Though Fred’s a common wombat, his behavior is anything but. He hasn’t been trained for meet-and greets – Keeper Jason says he just seems to like having visitors drop by.

While common wombats aren’t endangered like their hairy-nosed cousins, they’re a protected species in South Australia and this is one of the few places in Australia that offers an up-close chance to learn.

For instance – did you know their teeth never stop growing – so they can cope with the tough, gritty bark and roots they eat… and their paws and claws are perfect for digging? Take those facts to your next trivia night!

Now, you may remember we showed you Cleland’s fascinating Breakfast with The Birds experience not long ago… a chance for an early-morning, exclusive guided tour through 3 different aviaries. Well, why don’t you pop up and do both? You can find details about all the interactive experiences and make bookings on Cleland’s website. Keep in mind, though, that Fred’ s negotiated a 4-day week, and that age limits apply, so check the details carefully.