Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures

For a wildlife experience like no other jump on board the Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures rigid inflatable for a stunning cruise along the north coast of Kangaroo Island from Emu Bay to Dashwood Bay. On the way, you’re likely to encounter the real stars of the show – an amazing pod of bottle-nose dolphins.

The waters around Dashwood Bay are crystal clear, thanks to the lack of swell. It’s in these protected waters guests are invited to slip into the water for a one-on-one encounter with wild bottle-nose dolphins at extremely close quarters.

It’s an experience that really hits the mark… even for those lucky enough to have witnessed this amazing site before. A meeting of mammals in the waters off Kangaroo Island. Some more at home in the watery wonderland than others.

KI Marine Adventures’ half day island explorer tour departs from Emu Bay.
For details head to their website.