A ride through Jakem Farm’s ‘To the Core’ Course

4 Wheel Drives are the vehicle of choice for more and more Australians. But if you thought that only bearded bushmen and tough tradies should take them off-road, think again! South Australia’s first accredited 4WD training facility, Jakem Farm, is helping women gear up for the adventure.

If the hardest thing you’ve done in your 4 Wheel Drive is jag a carpark at the local shops, then listen up… because this is way more fun! We joined a group of ladies for an all-women 4WD training day to journey beyond our comfort zone, and get a feel for what these sweet rides were really made for! You can expect to learn about weight limits and the safe (and unsafe) ways to recover a stuck vehicle. Then, after lunch, it was time to get behind the wheel and attempt some tricky tracks across the 800-acre property.

Owners of Jakem Farm, Kristina and Jason, are not only passionate about 4WD training. Since they bought Jakem Farm, a modest 450 thousand shrubs and trees have been planted with the help of re-vegetation groups, aiming to wind back the clock on a century of clearance and grazing.

Hop on to Jakem Farm’s website to find out more about the women’s “To the Core” course, and all the other training and adventures offered by this very relaxed and accomplished team. There’s camping and a range of social events for 4WD enthusiasts – from beginners to old hands.