Unique places to go for a drink in Adelaide

From laneways, basements and rooftops to small, unlikely spaces with hidden doors — there’s no shortage of unique places to go for drinks with friends. At our first stop, you may want to bring just one friend, because this might be Adelaide’s smallest bar!

The Sorcerer’s Bar is miniature but magical! Located on Bank Street, it holds 15 people, with space outside for a few more. Since it opened, it’s been a huge hit with punters who are loving the mystical theme. The drinks here are pretty mind-blowing; the cocktail list includes bubbling potions, smoky cauldrons, delicious butter-beer shots and something called the “Phoenix” which changes colour as you drink it! We don’t want to give too much of the magic away, but trust us, you need to see this place for yourself.  Get here early or be prepared to wait your turn. It’s well worth it!

From Wizards to Whiskey – our next stop boasts SA’s biggest collection of the latter.  Suzie Wong’s on Gilbert Place is hidden from the outside world inside Red October – that is, if you can find the hidden door to get in! This underground bar is packed to the rafters with over 500 different whiskey labels from all across the globe. Apart from the whiskey – they also have a colourful cocktail menu that’s quite impressive.

El Cheeky Flamingo in Vardon Avenue was our last stop for the evening. Think: Miami meets Adelaide, bright neon colours and fun tunes. It’s the type of place that makes you long for balmy summer nights where the good times roll. Cuban-inspired favourites feature strongly here – from the rum to the delicious sandwiches.

So there you have it: three very different bars with their own unique flair and flavour, so why not get your mates together for a fun night out?