Making Extra Virgin Olive Oil at Pendleton Olive Estate

With its Mediterranean climate and a natural layer of groundwater, the Limestone Coast has been the perfect region for growing olives since the late 1800s.

At the glorious Pendleton Olive Estate, Nick and Rachel Whiting are proudly carrying on the family tradition of producing premium, cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil.

From growing the trees, to processing, right through to bottling — they do everything in-house. During harvesting, it’s even busier than usual with a whole lot of shaking going on!

A giant machine fondly known as Colossus gently “persuades” the fruit to fall from the tree without damaging it. It’ll do around 200 trees an hour, but with 170,000 trees to harvest, it takes Colossus approximately six weeks.

Straight after picking, the olives are taken to their own mill for processing with state-of-the-art equipment. Pendleton only makes first cold-press oil, which means the olives are crushed and pressed only once to capture all their flavour, freshness and antioxidants.

Pendleton Olive Estate makes a variety of award-winning oils to suit all tastes. As for how to store your olive oil at home, Nick says a cool, dry place like a cupboard or pantry is best. Don’t put it near a window or the oven, as the heat will spoil it!

Get cooking with olive oil – it’ll do you a world of good!