Become a Brewer for a Day

Attention all beer lovers! Since its 70 million dollar redevelopment a few years ago – Adelaide’s iconic West End Brewery has been running 90-minute behind-the-scenes tours. But this is a new, five-hour experience called ‘Brewer for a Day’.

Led by a master-brewer, you can choose from a menu of six different styles to make, including ales and drafts. Once you’ve selected your beer it’s time to get hands-on. From milling the grain, selecting the hop, and pitching the yeast – everything will be demystified for you.

Also included is a fascinating tour of the brewery. One stop – is the bottling area which is literally the size of an aircraft-hanger and built for speed. Here, 700 bottles pass through the line every minute – that’s 42,000 an hour! For a brewery that was first established in 1859 – it definitely isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

After a whole day of brewing heaven (including lunch) – you get to enjoy a beer tasting at the bar.

Two weeks later – after your beer has fermented and carbonated on site – you can go collect the carton of liquid gold you created. How’s that for bragging rights?