Plant Your Verge

Some people call it the nature strip, others call it the verge – but it’s the often neglected bit of land – that lies between the footpath in front of your house and the kerb. If you give your verge a makeover the rewards can be great as ‘street appeal’ is what it’s all about! A lovely verge can add beauty to the community, attracts wildlife, and even increase property values.

Before you start, the first thing you must do is get approval from your local council. Verges are council-owned so as public land – each one has its own guidelines. Before you start digging you must check if any utility cables are under the ground. You also need to confirm what types of plants are allowed in your area.

Councils will maintain street trees but keeping your little patch of patch of paradise looking good is the homeowner’s responsibility. You can keep it as simple or creative as you like and plant grass, low maintenance natives … or have a cottage garden. Some people even have ‘vegie verges’.

If you’ve got an urge to beautify your verge – the first place to start is your local council’s website. You’ll find a wealth of information there – and some will even help you kick-start your project by removing rubble, or even supplying you with soil or initial plants. All you have to do is ask!