Maranui River Cruise

Ever dreamed of just puttering about on a river or lake, soaking up the serenity, but don’t fancy the upkeep…not to mention the price tag… of your own boat? At Goolwa, it’s simple: you can hop on board a beautifully restored 120-year-old wooden launch “MV Maranui”, sit back and enjoy the sights of our marvelous Murray. Add river identity Jock Veenstra to the mix, and you’ve got a perfect recipe for relaxation!

The sheltered waters around Goolwa and Hindmarsh Island allow for a smooth ride, and a laid back way to get to know more about this community. Who would have thought the local yacht club was once a hotbed of hairy-chested rivalry!

Jock: “The first regatta was between the sealers and whalers of Encounter Bay and the fisherman here on the river. So they had sailing races, they had rowing races, swimming races and they had the famous greasy pole, so that’s how that yacht club started.”

It’s no surprise that Jock knows so much about this place. Three generations of Veenstras have made their homes on these waters: literally. Jock lived on the PS Goolwa for 15 years and raised his family there; his children never living in a house until they left home!

During the tour you might like to kick back and enjoy the solitude… taking your cue from the local wildlife.

Speaking of wildlife, we’re not that far from where the much-loved film “Storm Boy” was shot in the 70’s, along with the new version of the classic Coorong story that has just hit our screens. The little fishing boats used in both films have now found a home here on the river and is another unexpected treat in a tour full of insights.

You’ll find details for tours or charters on the MV Maranui on the Spirit of the Coorong website, along with plenty of other options for exploring this beautiful region on their other purpose-built vessels.