Basket Range Organic Wine and Food

The Basket Range region in the Adelaide Hills is now home to a growing breed of young hipster winemakers, embracing what’s called the ‘natural winemaking movement’. In hidden back valleys, these young vignerons push the boundaries, making organic wines with little or no preservatives.

This winemaking style can result in a slightly cloudy look but the lack of sulphur in the fermentation process can mean a lot to a lover of the grape – not only do their wines taste delicious but many believe you keep a clearer head.

Word has spread, with Rolling Stone, Mick Jagger now a devotee. And to complement, this exciting new industry, a couple of them have also established restaurants at Uraidla and Summertown showcasing local, delicious and organically grown food. Jasper Button at the ‘Summertown Aristologist’ and Taras Ochota at the nearby ‘Lost in a Forest’.

So why not head to the hill this weekend to try a bit of Basket Range bliss in a bottle – both restaurants are situated less than half an hour from the city.