Experience the Flinders Ranges from Wilpena Pound Resort

Wilpena Pound Resort offers the perfect location to experience the majestic beauty of the Central Ikara Flinders Ranges, as well as the ideal way to immerse yourself in the culture of the original custodians of this country – the Adnyamathanha people.

This is an awe-inspiring country in the truest sense of the word. A majestic country like this can’t help but stir the soul. That’s certainly true for those who’ve lived in the peaks and valleys of the spectacular Flinders Ranges – the Adnyamathanha people. In the warm glow of an evening fire, local guide Mick McKenzie welcomes visitors to his country in Yura Ngawarla, the language of the Adnyamathanha people.

As cultural tours manager, Mick’s keen for the latest batch of new arrivals to understand the cultural significance of all that surrounds them as they fly over this dramatic country.

For those looking to keep two feet on the ground, there are several walking and driving tours. All of them led and managed by Adnyamathanha guides. Back in 2013, the Ikara Wilpena Pound Resort came under the stewardship of the local custodians, with guidance from Indigenous Business Australia. It’s been a turning point for Flinders tourism and the career options for Adnyamathanha people.

When you arrive, it’ll be Adnyamathanha staff who’ll take you through your various holiday options. They might include glamping under the shadow of Wilpena Pound, the more traditional motel-style accommodation offerings, or perhaps the family tent is more your style. Whatever you choose, just make sure you give yourself over to the Adnyamathanha story. For details head to their website.