Sleep in a ‘Bubble Tent’ in Coonawarra

Tucked away — just two kilometres off the Riddoch Highway — sits a cornucopia of curiosities, stemming from the fertile imagination of a bloke who’s always looking for something different. The owner of Coonawarra Bush Holiday Park, Steve Moignard, was quick to embrace the novelty of Bell tents for his 200-acre park, situated just fourteen kilometres north of Penola. But it’s his latest innovation that’s really turning heads – The Bubble Tent. In some respects, it’s like a jumping castle for big people!

Getting inside is akin to entering a space station. First, you work your way through an outer chamber before entering the inner sanctum; there has to be an airlock to ensure the Bubble Tent stays inflated. All of this is done with electric pumps, which you can turn off when the bubble tent is fully extended. A thin layer of clear plastic separates you from the outside world.

While resting up in the bubble tent, you might even try some bubbles. Steve’s vineyards produce sparkling wines, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. And you can sample those as part of his other innovative offering – a glass of wine and chocolate pairing on a nearby patch of native scrub.

His passion for wine underpins a number of touring options, including a tour of the many Coonawarra Wineries, like Brands Laira. Their tasting area is a must-see and one of the hidden gems of the region. Back in the day, Eric Brand and wine legends like Len Evans and James Halliday would taste local wares and discuss the wonders of the grape here… and leave a few bottles in their wake, by the look of things.

You too can sit in their historic tasting area and sample a few big Brands Laira reds and a gorgeous platter, courtesy of Steve Moignard’s Coonawarra Discovery Tour. Contact Steve or book a bubble tent via his website.