Rawnsley Park celebrates 50 years

We celebrate fifty years of Rawnsley Park Station – an iconic Flinders Ranges landmark. The property started as a remote sheep station but half a century ago Clem Smith set about rounding up a new flock – tourists. And boy has it grown since then!

Son Tony and his wife Julie have taken it to another level. As more travellers descended on Rawnsley to see nature up close, more accommodation was needed. Cabins were brought in from the mining town of Leigh Creek. Four wheel drive tracks were established… walking and bike trails spread across the property, then stunning Eco villas and now a chopper experience!

The latest offering here is the Heli-swag experience. Guest take a late afternoon helicopter flight past Rawnsley Bluff and over Wilpena Pound before landing on top of the Chace Range to watch the sun set, enjoy a campfire dinner and spend the night in cozy swags under a star filled Outback sky.

The Smith Family has certainly put its mark on a stunning landscape which has been accessible to us all over the past fifty years. To enjoy this icon of the Flinders Ranges head to their website to make a booking.