Escapod – A Luxury Vineyard Escape

When we think of a pre-fabricated holiday shack, the mind conjures a fairly different image than that of Escapod – South Australia’s new age, luxury, pre-fab accommodation.

Housed at the Vineyard Retreat in McLaren Vale, “Cadole Avalon” as its known, is named after the French workers’ huts found in the vines of the Northern Rhone. The concept was born out of a desire to address a shortage of high-end accommodation in regional areas, as architect Dino Vrynios explains.

“We wanted to create a five-star hotel room that you can drop anywhere and that’s what Escapod is all about. We wanted the design to really take advantage of the amazing settings where the building was going to be located. Here, it’s all about an immersive experience amongst the vines, and using large expanses of glass really allows us to get that.”

The building fits so neatly into the landscape, it’s hard to imagine it was actually constructed in North Adelaide and then transported and settled into its new home in a matter of hours.

Perfect for couples, Cadole Avalon is a great base for exploring McLaren Vale, or simply a place to sit on the balcony and enjoy a local drop while enjoying the view. Be sure to check out the website and social accounts for details – we assure you, a wonderful escape awaits.