Quorn’s Movie History

Quorn is a place buried deep in the consciousness of those who love Australian cinema.  After all this Flinders Ranges town has featured in some of the classic Australian movies… like Gallipoli, Robbery Under Arms and The Shiralee.

Its iconic railway station was the backdrop for legendary actor Jack Thompson’s famous tirade in one of the South Australian Film Corporation’s most famous movies – Sunday Too Far Away.

Little wonder Quorn features so prominently in so many Aussie flicks. After all, it looks like a film set. Pubs like The Austral provide the perfect backdrop for a bar room brawl or two.

Quorn’s kept its rugged outback charm. And much of its heritage appeal goes back to the days of steam. This is a town that honours its railway past… and preserves it.

Come school holidays chugging charmers like the world famous Coffee Pot take to the narrow gauge line outside the Quorn Railway Station. At one point this was railway central, with the Transcontinental Railway cutting across the country and the Great Northern Railway pushing north.

If it’s not the Coffee Pot serving up an espresso shot of railway history, it’s the legendary Afghan Express you’ll find rolling through Pichi Rich Pass. Over time the name of this world famous railway line changed to The Ghan.

Today it’s still a great place to stop for a feed and dine out on its railway and movie history. Quorn’s located in the Southern Flinders – a good four and a half hour’s drive north of Adelaide.