Postcode Peterborough – 5422

Peterborough is a historic railway town that is re-building itself into a tourist destination. In our fun tour around town we visit Café 229 on Main Street, once the local movie theatre and now serving up delicious homemade food and movie memorabilia.

Next we whip over to the Print Shop, once the hub for printing four newspapers produced in the town.  One day the owner left and just closed the door, leaving the shop exactly as it was.  The result is a fascinating frozen time capsule.

Finally we visit Meldonfield Miniatures, a collection of detailed miniatures of old time horses, carriages and railway stations, created by Eldon and Mary Zimmerman, a very clever and much loved couple from the town.

229 on Main Café
229 Main Street
Peterborough, SA 5422
Phone: 8651 3058

Peterborough Times Printing Office
11 Jervois Street
Peterborough SA 5422
Phone: 8651 2047 or 8651 2122

Meldonfield Miniatures
YMCA Building
Main Street
Peterborough, SA 5422
Phone: 8651 2708

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