Adelaide Arcade

Everything old is new again… or so it seems for one hundred year old businessman John Johnston as he and longtime business associate John Hardy bring an icon back into Adelaide Arcade. The old Godfrey’s vacuum cleaners and floor polishers were a feature of this retail strip for many years from when the Adelaide store was first established in 1939. Johnstons bought the company again and has it firmly installed where he thinks it belongs – in Adelaide Arcade.

And like the Godrey’s Store, another old Adelaide Arcade gem may soon be back – the underground Tearooms, so be sure to keep an eye on this heritage landmark as it continues to evolve.

When built in 1885, the Adelaide Arcade was a statement about prosperous times in an emerging city. Soon after though the Federation Drought hit, but this strip has continued to prosper in good times and bad. Its domed roof entrances hark back to a time when genteel society would enter this arcade to see and be seen. At either end of the arcade in Rundle Street and Grenfell Street, horse drawn carriages and trams would be working full tilt, here people could promenade in what has always been a shopping oasis. No horses today but plenty of shoppers still promenading down this retail strip with the lot!