Softfoot Alpaca Farm

At the Softfoot Alpaca Farm in Hindmarsh Valley, owners Gary and Sandy Retallick have created a glorious eco-friendly environment. Set on 600 rolling acres they raise herds of prize-winning Alpacas. With their soft feet, Alpacas do minimal damage to the environment and you can get to meet them up close on one of their amazing tours. Riding around their property on an ATV buggy you will be delivered right amongst these gentle, curious creatures where you can pet and feed them.

To say ‘Softfoot’ is one of Australia’s most successful breeders and fleece producers is an understatement – their trophy room can barely hold all of their awards! They’ve even sent animals to the Mongolian Steppes so farmers there can restore their land damaged by cattle.

With their eco-friendly philosophy – the family has planted thousands of trees, created wetlands that are full of aquatic and birdlife, and even has a breeding facility for endangered marsupials such as Quolls and Bettongs.

The Softfoot Alpaca Farm offers a range of experiences – including nocturnal tours.  Tours can be booked anywhere from one hour to all-day. They also offer delicious Aussie BBQ’s and afternoon teas. Don’t miss your chance to pet an Alpaca!