Cleland Wildlife Park – Breakfast With The Birds Tour

How to Get Exclusive Access to Cleland Wildlife Park

If you are a nature lover, you will adore Cleland Wildlife Park's Breakfast with the Birds tour, where you can explore three different aviaries before having a scrumptious breakfast yourself! 🐦 For more information, visit

Posted by SA Weekender on Tuesday, 23 October 2018

The early bird gets the worm… and at Cleland Wildlife Park, they’ll take it right out of your hand! A new tour allows visitors guided access to 3 different aviaries, each with flocks of beautiful and cheeky feathered locals keen to make your acquaintance.

First stop on the tour is the Mallee Aviary, where bird-whisperer Michelle Cornish helps guests deliver breakfast to the residents… and there’s a flurry of feathers when word spreads that food’s up!

The aviary is awash with gorgeous plumage -– from darting zebra finches, to plump painted button quail, and budgies with a secret superpower: Florescence!

But in the aviary next door, it’s all about not being seen, as this Bush Stone Curlew hides in plain sight on her nest…And the Tawny Frogmouth blends in with the branches… until breakfast appears.

The third and final habitat is the swamp aviary houses the royal spoonbills and the plumed whistling duck, a rare sight given South Australia’s disappearing swampland habitat, and a beautiful end to a tour full of  the unexpected.

Bookings are essential for this tour, which only operates during daylight saving months and begins before normal opening hours, giving guests exclusive access to the park when birds are at their most active.  Have a look at Cleland’s website, or give them a call to book.

The finally the ‘Breakfast with the birds’ Tour ends at Cleland’s café, and thankfully it’s not mealworms and mice, it’s the most scrumptious array of cakes, fruit, croissants, coffee. This is definitely not for the birds!