Minton Farm Animal Rescue Centre

Minton Farm Animal Rescue Centre

Posted by SA Weekender on Thursday, 31 January 2019

From fury, to feathered, and scaly – injured native animals from all around Adelaide and beyond – can get help at the ‘Minton Farm Animal Rescue Centre’.

Run by Bev Langley and her dedicated team of volunteers, the centre has received more than 11,500 animals since it opened in 1992. And around another 11,000 have been assisted offsite with advice given over the phone or on the internet.

Minton Farm is non-profit and non-government funded so relies solely on donations and community goodwill. It’s not always easy, but they recently raised thousands to build a Circular Flight for injured birds. Spanning 18 meters, this giant aviary is where Raptors can build up their muscles before being released.

Bev has received many awards for her tireless and devoted work over the years including Australian of the Year – SA Local Hero. But she finds her greatest reward is helping all creatures great and small.

Because they are so busy Minton Farm isn’t open to the public but there are lots of ways you can help by donating money, food or goods. For more details just visit their website. The animals will thank you!